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We are specialized repairing iPhone, iPad, iPod & Samsung Galaxy seriese Phones. All repairs can be done same day, while you wait...

Quality Service

We understanding customer’s expectations and put the right guidelines and service standards in place to exceed them.

Expert Repair Technician

Our staff here has years of knowledge and experience to fix all kinds of issues on your phone, ipod, PC, or tablet.

Same Day Repair

We employ unique, state-of-the-art restoration systems and the highest quality expertise and technology to repair super fast.

People Like iFIX STATION

We are specialized repairing iPhone, iPad, iPod & Galaxy

We offer an unrivalled repair service for a wide-range of mobile phone and tablet devices.

Competitive Price

iFixstation Provide the best price in the market without any compromise in the quality of product and service.

Security & Privacy

Your Privacy is proteched with us, you can leave your phone password proteched while we handel repairs.


Quality Parts

We use OEM elements to confirm our quality of accomplishment. Your phone can look, feel, and sound the approach it ought to.

At Your Location Repair

Now small and large business are covered with iFixstation new at location repair facility with Free pickup and drop and discounts.

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Our Service

We have very flexible Services that might sutie your time and with convenient some unmatched that you will give us a 5 stars after our first deal.

We repair most of the phone in 20 minutes turnaround at our walking Kiosk Located in Wayne New Jersey. Expedited weekday and Saturday service by appointment or walk-in. 24Hr Emergency repair services available. Visit our store located inside Willowbrooke Mall , Wayne New Jersey.
If you don't live in New Jersey or New York or unable to come to our store location, we have solution for you. You can now mail in your Broken Phone and it fixed from us. Please call us at 973-785-1562 or send us an email Download Shipping Form
We are now offering phone fixing for small and large business relying on Apple, Samsung products. From discounted rates to free pick-up and drop-of, we’ve got you covered. Your devices will be repaired at your very own location. Call us today to learn more.

Sell Your OLD PHONE to

If you have an old mobile handset you no longer use, let us take it off your hands. In exchange for recycling your mobile phone, we’ll give you cash. The sooner you sell your phone, the more we pay. We all have old mobile phones lying around the house. Whether you've switched from Pay-As-You-Go to Contract, or received the latest upgrade, you can recycle your phone or tablet for cash with us.

Selling mobile phones for cash is rewarding for both the planet and your pocket. That’s why we’ve made selling your old mobile phone quick and simple. We aim to reuse over 95% of mobile phones and tablets received and promise to recycle any non-reusable mobiles in the most environmentally friendly way. All you need to do is start planning how to spend your cash!

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Cracked screen repair
  • White LCD
  • Water damage
  • Battery drain issues
  • Horibal Error codes
  • Power button repair
  • Handset ear-piece and Jack
  • Charging port problem
  • Screen protector installation
  • Case replacement
  • Color Conversions
  • Accessories (Cases, chargers, screen protectors)
  • ...and more
You can leave the phone locked during the repair. We will never need any of your private information during the repair. All data stored in your cellphone is private information. We highly recommend backing up your data prior to the service, we are not liable for lost data on your phone.
The touchscreen and glass are separate elements, yet permanently joined. This allows your touchpanel to still work even if your glass cracks, letting you use your phone. The downside is that we need to remove the whole front assembly to make a glass repair. Our product team is aware this is not optimal in terms of longevity, and we’re looking to improve this for our device.
Although we repair hundreds of devices every week from all across the UK, we still give each and every device our undivided attention and care. We know the importance of keeping you informed, so we will let you know when we receive your device, when it is being repaired and when it’s ready to be returned.
We use only high quality third party manufacturer parts for our repairs. If you wish to use only genuine original parts, we suggest you contact the manufacturer of your device. All our parts are carefully selected to offer an equivalent standard of finish, fit and long term reliability.
Payment for repair is made upfront. This ensures that when you device arrives, we have the parts available, have allocated a technician to your device and can meet our quoted turnaround times.
In general, no matter how small or affordable the part, the total service costs are primarily related to the labor required to successfully complete the repair. We aim to keep repairs as simple as possible, but it is sometimes more time-consuming than you might assume.
Sell your Mobile Phone easily for cash. We know how hectic life can be and how finding time to do everything can seem impossible at times, which is why we've made it really simple for you to sell mobile phones online.

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